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At the QFA we provide hourly PPA cover for school focussed on the provision and development of boys and girls football. With days divided into two hourly sessions in the morning and another two in the afternoon, we can work with Schools for full day, half day or even provide breakfast and after school activities.

Everything that we do is in line with our core values of teaching Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social development and using our “Train as you play” methodology. We give children as much time on the ball as possible. Founder Quinton Fortune is passionate about working with schools and ensuring that children of every level have access to the best quality football coaching and this shows in everything that we do.

We call the Schools that we work with “partners” because our work continues even when we are not in on site. We provide custom plans that Schools can continue with and any other support that a school may feel that they require.

Whether it is PPA Cover, inset days, provision of after school football or anything else that you can think of, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss tailoring something to meet your needs.

What you'll learn

  • Passing Passing is one of the most fundamental skills in football as it is how you move the ball on the pitch
  • Dribbling Outside of passing, dribbling is the primary method of moving the ball up the field
  • Receiving a pass When receiving a pass you will need to know how to control it
  • Shooting The fundamental way to try and score is by taking a shot towards goal in the left or right corner.

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