Quinton Fortune Academy
Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins

Managing Director



We are aware that at grass root level football, volunteers are creating and shaping the future of the game. The Quinton Fortune Football Academy not only offers to coach young players but also coaches too.

As a Football Skills Academy we offer to develop and mentor coaches and kids in their own clubs for no charge. As a former Manchester United Player, Quinton is especially passionate about helping all the members of Football community in Greater Manchester. We would love to send our professional coaches down to do a session/sessions with your coaches and kids in their coaching environment to help them develop new skills.

Do let us know if you think we can work alongside your club. NB we do not run teams, we are not a club/league and we have no intention of poaching children, our aim is to actually help you improve what you already work very hard to do. Also fyi Quinton is sometimes able to get involved (where possible) and happy to attend prize giving events or tournaments etc.

If you would like to organise a visit to your club for Coaching please email hello@quintonfortuneacademy.co.uk